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Wellbeing, Satisfaction and Productivity

By: Daniel Kuhn, M.D.

This article addresses what it takes to protect, rehabilitate, and enhance the career of surgeons from the point of view of wellbeing, satisfaction and productivity. Surgeons are challenged by the need to maintain a steady level of peak performance through long hours of surgery. Very often surgeons who were exposed to negative and traumatic events in their career opt for early retirement or place limitations of their practice. Many encounter experiences like surgical failures, loss of patient’s life, malpractice litigation and unrelated life crises and stress, which may have a lingering effect on their level of functioning and wellbeing.

Mental trauma and subsequent stress is a universal phenomenon and all humans and animals are prone to develop them with different degree of individual propensity. Traumatic stress plays a major role in aging, burnout phenomena and personal failures. My treatment method was developed during my work as a young psychiatrist at a field military hospital in the Sinai Desert during the Yom Kippur War in 1973, and has developed into a simple and effective method which readily resolves PTSD, life crises and reactive depression. My approach has been very successful in treating burnout symptoms, anxiety, depression, and career crises. By effectively applying my direct and coherent technique I have helped many professionals in the likes of physicians, opera singers, artists, executives, and entrepreneurs to resolve their stress conditions, recover their peak performance level and unblock their career.

I have made several successful presentations and workshops for The NESA, the New European Surgical Academy, in Istanbul and Berlin, which included hands on workshops. I would like to provide surgeons with the method and means to recover from the lingering effects of traumatic stress while providing them with information that will serve as guidelines to minimize the effects of such incidents in the future.

I will present to the community of surgeons an effective service which will resolve and eliminate the effects of intense and threatening events and their lingering effect on one’s personality.

I offer consultations and counseling to individual members and can run workshops for surgery departments and during yearly conferences.

My contact information is:
Daniel Kuhn, M.D.
New York, N.Y. 10019
Phone: (212) 315-1755

Daniel Kuhn, M.D., will be providing a workshop in Boston at MISWeek 2016.

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