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Erasing chronic post-traumatic stress and revitalize one’s wellbeing and career – The Kuhn Technique

A lecture and workshop by Daniel Kuhn, MD

Dr. Kuhn’s approach is a simple technique which has been effectively used by athletes, executives, opera singers and high performers in general. Its purpose is to eliminate the fixation of traumatic experiences and post traumatic stress. Its benefits are a revitalize career; improved performance and recovering one’s sense of well being.

Dr. Kuhn’s approach has been well received and raised great interest when presented in the New European Surgical Academy (NESA) conferences in Istanbul and Berlin.

All humans are prone to develop traumatic fixation and post traumatic stress. Until now there has been no coherent and effective method of addressing PTSD and resolving it, and psychotropic medications and psychotherapeutic techniques are found to have a limited effect in most cases.

Often people resort to self medications and rely on alcohol and drugs for momentary relief. However, that leads to a down spiral road.

Dr. Kuhn will present the effective technique of deconditioning, which can resolve traumatic fixation in a readily manner.

It is important that surgeons who are witnessing or are personally exposed to acute traumatic stressful situation i.e. failed surgery, patient’s death, sudden unexpected major bleeding or malpractice suits, do understand that there is a way to release traumatic fixation and avoid its destructive chronic effects.

Daniel Kuhn, MD will be joining a panel on Complications and Outcomes: Collateral Damage – Side-Effects of Complications at MISWeek 2016 in Boston. Visit for more information and to register.

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