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Continuously Improving Your Career

An Essay by Paul Wetter, M.D., The SLS Virtual Business Hall

At SLS we’re solving problems, creating opportunities and finding new ways to shape generations of first-rate surgeons. We wanted to create a growing, dynamic, virtual business hall that will present solutions to your most vexing career problems and advise you on the business tactics you’ll need to see progress, whether in private practice or a larger hospital group. Wherever you are on your path in medicine, I hope our work will help you solve your specific challenges and aspirations. This is why we created the SLS Virtual Exhibit Hall–to assist in solving some of our greatest business challenges.

Transforming Our Careers

Transforming your career and work life often requires innovative thinking and bold actions. We’re committed to delivering high-quality education and training to our members at all stages and in all medical disciplines.

On the SLS Virtual Business Hall we’ll build on each other’s expertise to deliver the highest quality information to create and solve problems.

Setting A New Standard

Most business experts agree that successful service-based organizations are committed to increasing their core-business skill sets. This increased sophistication is a fundamental and can include various business areas such as sales, marketing, communication, legal, accounting, customer service, operations management, and process efficiency. Although we are strong in our clinical skill sets and understand the intricacies of patient treatment, we often struggle with fundamental business skills. In this business hall, experts offer their advice.

Just as we study and practice our craft for years in order to master skills, a lack of such business skills can keep our practices and facilities from improving their profitability–an increasingly critical task for the entire industry. These talented individuals who’ve developed content on this new site will provide essential business skills and help drive success.

For business solutions, reach us here:

Dr. Paul Wetter is the Founder and Chairman of SLS, The Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons, with 6000+ members, it serves all surgeons from all around the world.


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