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Your Best Work Requires Being Physically In Good Physical Shape

By Elwin Law

We all are intellectually aware of the important relationship of mental, emotional and physical health.  But so often we get caught up and totally immersed in the work and job ahead of us and sometimes conveniently rationalize the lack of timefor exercise or proper eating.  But let me assure you—from personal experience—if one only pays attention to both their eating habits and how they spend their time, even 20 minutes a day of exercise, results and good condition will be achieved.

Weight is a major problem for many – patients and physicians.  From my own personal experience, back in 1990 I weighed 206 pounds (and at my height I was considered overweight).  I stumbled upon several principles quite by accident and lost 26 pounds in six weeks, eating and drinking whatever I wanted.  I am happy to share several of the principles with you:

  1. Visualize Your Best Image (1-2 minutes)

Every morning and evening in bed in an “alpha state,” I would visualize for 1-2 minutes the image of how I wanted to look and also losing five-pound increments on the scale.  If I weighed 200 pounds, I would visualize 195 pounds and once achieved, I would continue to 190 pounds and so on. Visualization in the alpha state is much more effective than the beta state.

  1. Every morning weigh yourself—it is your scorecard. (1 minute)
  1. Stick to it! Once momentum is established, it tends to perpetuate itself.
  1. For breakfast and lunch, cut your portions in half, eating whatever you want. (time saved by eating less)

Obviously eggs, fruit and/or healthy cereal is best, but portion control is very important.  When you finish your meal you will probably still feel hungry, but just wait 20 minutes and the hunger will be gone.   This was a wonderful discovery.

  1. Eat Enjoyably for Dinner

For dinner have a full and enjoyable meal and drink whatever you want—wine, beer, etc…  The interesting thing is because you have been somewhat disciplined during the day, you decide not to totally sabotage yourself.  Be especially disciplined on any desert.

  1. Exercise of Your Choice (20 to 30 minutes)

During the day, spend 20-30 minutes on some “good” exercise of your choice, while wearing a rubber belt around your waist.  This can be found at most sports stores.  Leave the belt on for at least 15 minutes after working out.  This can be done right in your hotel room, or wherever you find yourself.  Don’t fool yourself in saying, I don’t have time to complete this task—this is an investment in your health.

The end result will be weight loss and a healthier feeling.  This is my personal solution – one that is permanent, resulting in a lifestyle that will stay with you forever, because it is easy, takes less time, and allows for an enjoyable dinner.  I lost 26 pounds and have only fluctuated 3-4 pounds since 1990.  I have eaten and drank whatever I have wanted—but in total moderation, which is a key to everything.

Enjoy and best wishes!

Elwin Law

Elwin Law is the author of The Beer Drinker’s Dream Diet and is married to Dr. Liselotte Mettler.  He is also a co-author, with his wife, of the popular book Lovers to Spouses (Branden Books).

Law has had a notable career in California real estate and investment. He was both President and Chief Financial Officer of the Real Estate Brokers Association of La Jolla in the 1970s, while with Coldwell-Banker. Prior to that he was a stockbroker with Paine-Webber in Santa Monica and the Regional Manager of the Ruhr Gebiet in Germany, a Los Angeles company.

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