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Welcome to the Inaugural SLS History Museum: 25 Years of Minimally Invasive Surgery


Dear MIS History Museum Visitor,

We look forward to introducing you to a new SLS exhibition for MIS WEEK called The History of MIS:  25 Years of Minimally Invasive Surgery.  This is our part of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of SLS events.

MIS history is something to be preserved and celebrated, so here you will find original photos, old news clips, and technology that grace the walls, tables and screen that you are about to see — the history of MIS over the last 25 years.

I know that Paul would agree that because of our members, SLS has an extraordinary story to tell, as we have had the privilege of working with pioneers whose discoveries have helped change the lives of millions of patients.  As you look through this exhibit, think of the patients.  These discoveries have indeed changed their lives and ours.  And I bet they have changed yours.

Thank you for coming,

Janis Chinnock Wetter

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