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Website Essentials for Surgeons

By Sarah Sherwood, publicist

If you’re going to have a Web site, make sure it’s high quality

A web site of your own can be your very best marketing tool, where patients can come away with a good first impression of you.  Even when you work for a larger organization, your own Web site can be very useful.  It can also be designed to save you time by providing forms and other useful background information for patients, colleagues, and administration.

Most of the time, inexpensive Web sites are obvious.  Even consultants work with free Web site companies, but their design skills stand out.  If someone is struggling to put your Web site together, stop the assignment.  Invest in the talent you need to have a Web site that represents you and the sophistication of your practice.  Look for someone who has a record of designing sites for medical practices and companies.  Having confidence in your Web site can give you not just added peace, but build on your relationships with colleagues and patients.

The content of your Web site should inform your publics of your philosophy, your concern and care of your patients and build your credibility.  For this reason I recommend the following:

  • a brief personal letter on your home page expressing your care and concern for your patients
  • tabs on any social media you choose: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the others
  • your biography and CV, without personal information
  • a science page that offers studies that have formed your philosophy
  • an offer to speak to groups on your expertise
  • any books, press coverage or papers you have written
  • conference and membership electronic badges that show that you are committed to learning through SLS and other groups (email our staff to acquire your SLS badges:
  • HIPPA and other forms

You will want to have flattering photos (and videos) on your site, as these props tend to improve interest and length of stay.

Your key words are also very important, but I recommend authenticity in all of your marketing and communications.  If you write it, they will come.

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