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A Note from the SLS President

By Dr. Jay A. Redan, SLS President 2019

EVERYONE must participate

2018 was an election year that had excellent participation by registered voters in the United States. Clearly voters expressed their opinion in a way that is the wish of people around the world. Wars are fought daily where people just want the right to vote and express their opinions. We do not need to fight a daily war in the United States for the right to vote. We DO NEED to be involved and register to vote so you can express your opinion with our respective societies; and express your thoughts through representation. The representatives cannot share your thoughts unless YOU participate.

SLS and its affiliated Societies represent approximately 6000 members worldwide, yet our annual meeting is attended by only one-tenth of the people we represent. While we do realize the time commitment and expense associated with the meetings, this is YOUR chance to meet the leadership and express what YOU think are important topics we need to teach and educate to our members. Submit papers and abstracts, submit videos and presentations, and most importantly interact with your colleagues and leadership to guide the future of YOUR organization. The SLS leadership cannot do anything without membership participation. We need to know issues that concern YOU. WE need to know what topics are important to YOU.

As noted people fight wars for representation and the right to vote. Please be active in your participation at SLS, it is your privilege and right as an active member to do so!!

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